Crosswalks and Sidewalks
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What Other Cities Are Doing
What Other Cities
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Strategies for Activism
Strategies for Activism

"A pedestrian is a man in danger of his life. A walker
is a man in possession of his soul."
—David McCord

And assert your right to cross in the crosswalk. Don't get yourself run over, but most people are aware they must yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks at the least. With Iowa City having so many crosswalks unmarked can cause confusion as to what a crosswalk actually is. Every grade crossing intersection contains legal crosswalks even if they are not marked as such—and you do have the right of way.

Catch the driver's eye and proceed into the intersection, providing the driver has reasonable time to stop. When crossing a multilane street, ensure that cars in both lanes will stop.

Cycling helps pedestrianism by slowing traffic down on the street. But this only works, obviously, if you aren't cycling on the sidewalka place no adult cyclists belongs! More bicycles on the streets increases bicycle safety and increases pedestrian safety. Don't forget to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
Participate in Iowa City's Critical Mass bike ride the last Friday of every month meeting at the Pedestrian Mall at Washington Street. Critical Mass is a great way to get comfortable riding on the street with other cyclists.

Report drivers who don't respect your right to cross in legal crosswalks. This has previously not been successful in Iowa City but press your case. Unlike any other crime about which you might report to the ICPD, a violation by a driver is considered hearsay when it is reported by a citizen. Call 911 regardless. When you are told that the ICPD will not respond in any way, contact ICPD Chief Sam Hargadine by email! If there is a problem with speeding in your neighborhood you should also email Chief Hargadine. Don't take "no" for an answer. You have a right to expect the ICPD to enforce the law. If you don't get an appropriate response, contact your city councilperson.

If your right to cross legally is violated by an organization- or corporation-owned vehicle, call them! Look that company name up in the phone directory. CAMBUS and Iowa City Transit want to hear if their drivers are operating in an unsafe manner. Many of IC Transit's busses have video cameras that can confirm an operator's behavior.

if you see drivers speeding, running red lights, or failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks

Email Iowa City Transit
ditto above.

Email University of Iowa Motor Pool

Frequently some of the worst offenders on campus are UI employees using state and university vehicles. Get that license number and e-mail the office with details. Improper use of these vehicles is not only dangerous to pedestrians but is a potential liability risk to our self-insured University of Iowa.

Demand the Iowa City Police Department enforce speed limits in your neighborhood. Demand the same from the University of Iowa Police to increase the level of traffic enforcement on campus streets.
Email ICPD Chief Sam Hargadine
Email UI Assistant Vice President (head of Public Safety Department) Chuck Green

Demand the Iowa City Transportation Planning Department mark and sign crosswalks in your neighborhood and on campus; report faded markings. Ask for pedestrian signs that remind drivers that yielding to pedestrian is our law in Iowa. Email John Yapp (head of Transportation Planning for Iowa City) and Jeff Davidson (head of Community Development in Iowa City).

Contact your Iowa City City Council and let them know you want improved signage and markings for crosswalk in your neighborhood and increased traffic enforcement by the ICPD.

Pledge to Drive the Speed Limit or Lower
Pledge to drive the speed limit or lower in your neighborhood and while driving in anyone else's neighborhood.
Be your own neighborhood pace car. Remember, it's the speed limit, not the minimum.

In the upcoming Iowa City City Council elections newcomer Mike Wright is a candidate for City Council who will support pedestrian and cyclist rights! Mike will support improved infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists along with increased law enforcement toward drivers to make non-motorized transportation safer and more feasible.Vote November 6!

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